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Care Packages

In order to spread #PositivityForPediatricCancer, Love for Ladybug hosts fundraisers to purchase care packages for cancer fighters aged 0-21! Our care packages are special because we fill the box catered to your child's interests. If  you receive a package from us, DM us on Instagram with photos and videos to be featured on our social media!


Care packages are sent ONLY to kids fighting cancer. If you qualify for a care package, please scroll down below to fill out the form.

If you're interested in receiving a care package, please apply with our care package application 

If you're interested in sponsoring a package, please head to our "DONATE" page and make a donation of $20 (this covers the shipping costs of 1 care package).


52 packages!

So far, we have sent...

Reaching to...

23 states and 3 countries!


"Why are care packages so important?"


Did you know the National Cancer Institute donates only 4% of the billion dollar cancer budget to pediatric cancer research each year? That's right, kids receive only 4% of research funding each year. Not only are kids being neglected of treatment, but the medicine used to treat childhood cancer is extremely outdated. The last time new medicine specifically for pediatric cancer was created was over 40 years ago. The current treatments options are extremely harsh on their bodies and leave 80% of children with life-long health effects.

That being said, kids with cancer deal with extremely traumatic childhoods. Love for Ladybug strives to make sure every kid with cancer has the opportunity to feel like a regular kid when receiving a care package, even just for a few moments. Kassie loved receiving gifts and packages while staying in the hospital; we hope to spread her legacy and help kids just like her feel a little bit of happiness.


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